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Your Energy Control symptoms checklist (a .pdf file). Use this to see how many of the side effects and symptoms of Energy Control testing and experimentation are part of your life now. You can use these as part of your Declaration of  Energetic Consent exercises


Here is your FREE Report, How to Use Your Power of Energetic Consent. It contains information you can use to set strong energy boundaries, reclaim your energy freedom, and release all effects of energy control experiments and testing by reclaiming your energetic sovereignty.


Declaration of Energetic Consent

by Jennifer Hoffman | Human Energy Control Protocols

Click this link to download recorded audio file for the Declaration of Energetic Consent which you can use for meditation and study. The text is in your free report.


Declaration to Release Energy Control Devices

by Jennifer Hoffman | Human Energy Control Protocols

Click here to download a recorded audio file and the written content for the release of energy control devices from your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, etheric, and auric fields.